R5,000 Per Month DSV Logistics Learnership 2024

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What is the DSV Logistics Learnership 2024?

R5,000 Per Month DSV Logistics Learnership 2024 The DSV Logistics Learnership 2024 is a comprehensive program designed to provide aspiring logistics professionals with hands-on experience and training in the field. This learnership aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic world of logistics.

  • Location: South Africa
  • Stipend: R5,000 Per Month
  • Closing Date: Not Given

This is a summary of what the job involves to help you decide if you are a good fit.


Join our Logistics Learnership and gain practical skills in warehouse management, freight forwarding, business administration, project management, freight handling, and transport operations.

Candidates will be placed in one of the following courses based on their strengths. While the specific course will be discussed in the interview, the preferred course options include: 

  • Warehouse Supervision NQF4
  • Road Transport Supervision NQF4
  • Business Administration NQF4
  • Transport Operations NQF4
  • Lifting Machine NQF4
  • Lifting Machine NQF3
  • Freight Handling NQF3
  • Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance NQF3
  • Project Management

Apply now for hands-on training and mentorship to become a skilled logistics professional.

What you’ll do

This is a list of tasks that you will be responsible for doing on your days at work.

  • Help run the warehouse: storing, moving, and sending out goods
  • Learn how to keep everything safe and organised
  • Learn about moving goods across borders
  • Understand how to handle paperwork for customs
  • Help with office tasks like paperwork and reports
  • Learn about planning and managing transport.
  • Be part of logistics projects and learn how to manage them
  • Help make sure projects are done on time and well
  • Learn how to handle and move goods safely
  • Assist in keeping work areas clean and tidy
  • Learn how to use lifting machines safely
  • Understand rules for transporting goods by road
  • Get advanced training in using lifting machines
  • Help train others and keep equipment in good condition


This is a list of things you will need in order to be considered for this role

  • Matric
  • Within 15km from job


Meeting the preferences would be a plus, but if you don’t, it won’t stop companies from considering you.

  • Experience: Warehouse Worker

Application Process

This is a list of things you will need to do when completing your application to this job.

Questions required for application

  • Are you aware that this is a learnership?
  • Are you currently busy with another learnership or training program?
  • Do you know how to use a computer?
  • Are you able to multitask?
  • Are you able to lift heavy objects and equipment?
  • Do you have access to reliable transport?
  • Do you like working with people?
  • How do you handle working under pressure?
  • You may be contacted telephonically for an interview, please confirm your mobile number or alternative number where you can be contacted on.
  • Are you willing to work shifts?
  • Are you willing to commit to a 12 month learnership?